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Someone's Asleep in my Bed! Meme

Ah, end of the day and you're ready to take a load off. Time to go flop on your bed and catch some Z's and then---

Whoa. wait who is that? There's someone on your bed.... What do now?

Or coversely you could have gone to get some shut eye and suddenly you wake up in someone elses' bed!

Really, everything and anything goes-- but somebody is not in their own bed.

You aught to know the drill on how these things work by now, have at it.
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[Well hell, he doesn't blame her there. He's considering the same thing, the situation being what it is.]

Oh, jeez, no. Anyone who tells you that can fuck right off.
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[Roxas blinks, then breaks out into a pretty big grin.]

...Thanks, Aden. I think you're the first boy to find out I've got both that hasn't freaked out on me because of it.
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[He stares at her for a moment, surprised to hear that in this place. He really shouldn't be, but he is, so he grins back.]

I am told I'm pretty amazing.
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[Ah, but Roxas has been very careful not to let others find out since arriving in the DR. It's been like a new slate compared to home.]

So... Is it okay if I spent tonight with you?
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[That would make a lot of sense to him. As for her question... He looks reluctant, but it's not because of her.]

That's not exactly something I've done before. Ever.
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I've never gotten that far, either. But I'm willing to try.

[Though she's certainly tried, but nothing ever got much past kissing before shit hit the fan. Roxas stopped trying soon after the second boyfriend.]
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[Well there's more color to his face now. He makes a face, too, pushing his hair back and looking thoughtful.]

Hands? Since we're, you know, total strangers?
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[Roxas grins again, nodding and scooting a little closer to him. Really, she's happy not to be rejected, but the fact that he's not pushing to go all the way makes her feel good about him, too.]

If I hadn't already decided to trust you before, I think I would now.
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Oh, good to know.

[He's just a charming kind of guy! ...Hopefully she's not expecting him to do anything. He looks nervous just by her scooting closer.]
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[She's getting a little thrill out of it, actually. Usually it's Roxas that's a bundle of nerves even thinking about doing this with someone, but since Aden already knows...]

... Close your eyes?
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[Wonderful. He doesn't even hesitate. Either he really trusts strangers or he just doesn't care, because he closes his eyes after only a second. What now?]
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[It'll be obvious she's come even closer, until Roxas' lips are pressing against his lightly. It's a pretty chaste kiss, as she's not willing to simply jump him and scare him away.]
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[Well. He hasn't even done a lot of kissing, so she'll have to deal with more inexperience there. At least he's willing to try returning it, especially since it's chaste.]
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[She doesn't mind that, and is more than willing to go slowly. Well, mostly. She's still too aroused to resist rubbing her hand lightly over her panties, teasing her own erection.]
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[Well, mostly is good enough, considering this is kind of fucking weird for him overall. She has nothing to do with it, mind you, but it's just... really fucking weird. On the upside, it's way easier because she is a stranger. Still, she's going to have to be the one to take it further.]
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[Roxas is cluing into that, and is going to start shifting slowly. Aden will have plenty of time to voice any objections, but she intends to be straddling his lap in the near future. Preferably without breaking the kiss, because at the same time she's going to try deepening it a little.]
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[No, that's cool. His inexperience is definitely showing, but if she's okay with that he's not going to object. Though at the moment he's thinking this is the stupidest thing he's agreed to in a while. Mostly because he has no idea what he's doing, he doesn't know this Roxas, probably won't see her again-- in fact, he'd like it if he didn't see her again after this. Not because of her, but because this situation is not one he envisioned himself getting into any time soon.

Basically, he's overthinking it. Get on with distracting him, Roxas.]
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[If he's thinking that much, it'll definitely show in how he kisses her. Once she's settled, Roxas is going to take his hand in hers and pull it upward, up under her shirt to settle on her bare breast. She rolls her hips at the same time, grinding against him teasingly.]
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[Wow okay there went his higher brainpower. Yeah, distraction successful. It won't be long at all before she notices he's got the same problem going on. As for his hand... it moves upward, slightly, but not much otherwise.]
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[She still has her hand over his, and squeezes gently, liking the feel of both their hands fondling her chest. After another few minutes she breaks the kiss, but only to pull her tank top up over her head, tossing it toward the floor. Her hips have never stopped moving, especially once she could feel his own hardness rubbing against her. Sorry Aden, but there may be a damp spot on those pajama bottoms before long.]
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[Again, not complaining. That's going to be pretty fucking unexpected when he notices it, though. But right now he's not focusing on that. Well, not that specifically. It's hard not to focus on the way she's grinding against him like that, and, both to distract him and her from him, he moves his hand under her breast and his head down to his neck. Aden's pretty big on using his mouth for... well, anything.]
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[Her hand leaves his when he does that, moving to the nape of his neck to slide fingers into his hair instead. What he's doing now feels good, prompting Roxas to tilt her head to give him more access, and make soft, encouraging sounds. While he's occupied, her other hand is going to slip into the waistband of his pants.]
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[It's probably genuinely hilarious how he fucking jumps in his skin when she does that. At least she doesn't get bitten, but that is probably only even remotely possible because he draws away. Not much. Not even enough to see her face.]
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[Her hand is careful, and she's certainly going slow enough to give him a chance to change his mind. Then she's wrapping around him, her fingers light and teasing as Roxas starts to stroke, attention on his reactions.]
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[Okay, there goes... everything. Abort mission. Abort. He's freezing up because, okay, she knows what she's doing, but this is not... something he pictured himself doing. Ever. Literally. Sex is not high on his agenda of Things For The Future. Or the present, for that matter. His hands move to her sides and then between him, like he's not sure if he should do something with her or push her away at this point.]

Are you really okay with this?

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