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Someone's Asleep in my Bed! Meme

Ah, end of the day and you're ready to take a load off. Time to go flop on your bed and catch some Z's and then---

Whoa. wait who is that? There's someone on your bed.... What do now?

Or coversely you could have gone to get some shut eye and suddenly you wake up in someone elses' bed!

Really, everything and anything goes-- but somebody is not in their own bed.

You aught to know the drill on how these things work by now, have at it.
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[All I'm saying is that there are plenty of better asses in the DR. But anyway, back to what's actually going on here. Aden's been turned physically female by a spell before, and he's really curious about how it must feel to be able to be hard and wet. He's not really sure which to go for first, but he has more first-hand experience with dicks, so. The hand that was on her leg goes for that one, while the other hand stays tucked underneath her to figure out how things work.]
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[She certainly has no cause for complaint as he figures things out, and her kiss is getting steadily less chaste the more he touches her. Roxas slides one hand down between them again, hoping that Aden won't freeze up again when she touches him.]