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Someone's Asleep in my Bed! Meme

Ah, end of the day and you're ready to take a load off. Time to go flop on your bed and catch some Z's and then---

Whoa. wait who is that? There's someone on your bed.... What do now?

Or coversely you could have gone to get some shut eye and suddenly you wake up in someone elses' bed!

Really, everything and anything goes-- but somebody is not in their own bed.

You aught to know the drill on how these things work by now, have at it.
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[Real smooth, Riku. Roxas just sighs.]

He'll probably say no.
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[Sorry, angelku.]

If you already knew that, then why are you asking me?
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I hate having to keep a secret from Sora.
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I know how you feel. But sometimes we keep secrets to protect other people.
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I think he knows there's something I'm not telling him. I'm scared, Riku. What if he gets mad, or doesn't want to be my friend?
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[Nope, your nose is getting poked, Roxas.]

I've known enough Soras to know that won't happen. Even if he does know that much, he'll trust you.
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[Roxas blinks, startled out of his thoughts at that. Then he's cuddling back up to Riku to give her a hug.]

Thanks, Riku.
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You're welcome.

[If there's anyone she can talk about confidently, it's Soras.]
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[He's yawning as he pulls back, one hand moving to cover his mouth.]

Is it okay if I stay here with you tonight, Riku? I'm still sleepy.
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--yeah, sure. Do you... want to sleep here?

[Here as in here here, as in the bed here. She has a couch, but she's not sure how specific he's being with 'here'.]
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If it's okay with you... I'm not really used to sleeping by myself any more, and we were already sleeping together before.

[She isn't Sora, but he still trusts her. It's doubtful either one of them is going to try something naughty.]
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[As if. He's not her type by a long shot. He's more like a puppy, or a small child.]

Sure, I don't care. Steal one of the pillows.
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[One of these days she's going to blink and he'll be in his forties. He's quick to lay claim to one of her pillows nearest to him, and he's positively beaming.]

Thanks, Riku. When it's morning I'll make you breakfast, okay?
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[She settles back down, watching him with some amusement.]

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I'll make you porridge, with honey and fruit... Do you like bananas? I never had them before I came here but I think they're really good. Or I could use apples...

[Whoops, there's a yawn. He's scooting close, and pulling a blanket up to his neck to huddle and share warmth.]
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Either one's fine.

[It's been a while since she's been able to sleep in the same ed as someone and touch them, too. She doesn't mind though.]
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[He's used to the opposite, often waking in a tangle with Sora. He's already dozing off again. If Riku's eyes are open when it happens, she'll notice when Roxas shimmers faintly. She's sure to notice when the weight of another person in the bed with her disappears. The bed is still warm where he was.]