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Hellooooo my lovelies.

Some of you may recognize these icons as belonging to a nice little Naminé back in the LJ DR. You know, that one that isn't just being controlled and actually has a thing for her Marluxia and Larxene...

Anyway, testing the waters here for a spell idea! If it did happen, it wouldn't be mandatory, as none of the spells ever are.

Here's how it'd work, more or less:

Naminé is tired of there being so many people who would oppose Marluxia and Larxene. It doesn't matter that hers specifically aren't there; she just hates it. She hates Soras, she hates Rikus. She despises Kairis, and just about anyone else who would be allied with them or against Marluxia and Larxene.

She has power, and she knows how to use it. In fact, she knows how to use it very well. Hateful and homesick, one day soon she would just reach out and crush the chains of any person she can reach, Sora or otherwise, to remake them into minions under her control (and thus the control of anyone she may take a shine to). They would wake up believing Naminé to be something like a Princess of Heart, honestly, of the DR itself. Whispers in their minds would tell them not to trust people they normally would, saying their friends who try to convince them Naminé isn't some princess-goddess are corrupted and attempting to trick them into the darkness.

I'm thinking the "spell"/event would end a couple days after it began, as is usual for the DR, but with a nice dramatic finish of defeating the villain. An open post involving Heartless and the final boss who ends up being an angry waif of a girl in white. The spell would be broken upon her death.



That turned out longer than I meant it to! But yes, would... anyone be interested in this at all? It's just an offer for some action, really, with a Set Villain instead of it just being the DR's normal shenanigans, to spice things up a bit.

Edit: If you're uncertain and have questions, please feel free to ask!!
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Do want. I would volunteer several characters to be mindcontrolled.
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Should I watch out for this one, after that werewolf incident...?
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What a bitch. I think I'll wait and see if any of/who of her friends get mindcontrolled, and do the opposite.
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oh my god i missed this naminé??????

unfortunately i don't have soras/kairis/riku's and xigbar's only been playful with marluxia (applies to all the eyepatches) with no actual conflict — psychological, mostly, but nothing terrible. xaldin hasn't met marluxia's in the dr.

....... this comment's pretty useless I'M SORRY TANYS.
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LOLZ. Ri would freak out SO MUCH about this. So would Daddy. But I'd probably let 'Riku' be broken for the lulz since he's still half in love with his previous Master anyway.

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Stockholm Syndrome can do that to a person. Or a Replica, as the case may be.