2 Jan 2013 03:09 am
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Sometimes you just want something different, you know? Something that isn't your norm. Feel free to pick one and work it how you like, or combine.

Angel/Demon AU
Whether they're enemies, sort-of-not-so-friendly acquaintances, or forbidden lovers, they're as much polar opposites as possible.

Arranged Marriage AU
Maybe they've been destined since birth, or maybe one was chosen for the other. Have they even met? Who cares. For political or financial reasons, they're stuck with each other.

Coffee Shop AU
A modern day meeting by chance. Don't spill your drink.

High School AU
Being a teenager is supposed to be fun, right?

Historical AU
Greece. Ancient Egypt. The French Revolution. Victorian England. Wars, battles, and royalty. You could be from any time or place.

Idol/Fan AU
Are you their biggest fan?

Modern AU
Anything could happen.

Noble/Peasant AU
A classic and often unfortunate inconvenience.

Office Romance AU
Don't get caught.

Online Relationship AU
Maybe they've never met face to face, but that doesn't change anything.

Rule 63 AU
How would your character be had they been born different?

Superhero AU
Powers, weaknesses, villains... and spandex.

Vampire AU
Immortality, with a price.

Zombie AU
Are you going to be a survivor, or are you going down guns blazing?