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Step 1: Post a blank comment with the account of the character you'd like crit for or post a list of the characters you'd like crit for if you'd like to save time.

Step 2: Other people reply with constructive criticism, whether it be minor or major. If they have none, they're free to just throw some praise your way.

Step 3: Do the same for others.

Notes about meme usage )

-Spoiler policy, fuck idk if anyone is still avoiding spoilers at this point but try not to be obnoxious, mark spoilers for KH: 3D just in case

2 Jan 2013 03:09 am
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Sometimes you just want something different, you know? Something that isn't your norm. Feel free to pick one and work it how you like, or combine.

Angel/Demon AU
Whether they're enemies, sort-of-not-so-friendly acquaintances, or forbidden lovers, they're as much polar opposites as possible.

Arranged Marriage AU
Maybe they've been destined since birth, or maybe one was chosen for the other. Have they even met? Who cares. For political or financial reasons, they're stuck with each other.

Coffee Shop AU
A modern day meeting by chance. Don't spill your drink.

High School AU
Being a teenager is supposed to be fun, right?

Historical AU
Greece. Ancient Egypt. The French Revolution. Victorian England. Wars, battles, and royalty. You could be from any time or place.

Idol/Fan AU
Are you their biggest fan?

Modern AU
Anything could happen.

Noble/Peasant AU
A classic and often unfortunate inconvenience.

Office Romance AU
Don't get caught.

Online Relationship AU
Maybe they've never met face to face, but that doesn't change anything.

Rule 63 AU
How would your character be had they been born different?

Superhero AU
Powers, weaknesses, villains... and spandex.

Vampire AU
Immortality, with a price.

Zombie AU
Are you going to be a survivor, or are you going down guns blazing?
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Ask Me Anything meme

It's exactly what it says on the tin. Players drop blank posts, you ask them anything and they answer. Naturally for dramatic purposes they shall be finding themselves quite unable to lie about their answers, so be sure to have fun with that.

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Fail SexThe Meme

While it would be fantastic if it was, not all sex is magical. Sometimes, sex is awkward and funny or just really, really bad. Sometimes people just fail at it and don't know what they're doing! Or something goes wrong and ruins it all.

It's all about how you handle it... )
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1. Comment with your username
2. ICly reply to others anonymously

For those new to the show, here's some old ones to investigate.

3 Sep 2012 09:49 am
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The HOT or NOT meme

  1. Comment with your character
  2. Other characters reply, asking how yours would rate them on a scale of 1 to 10! 1 is low.
  3. OR comment with their own rating for your character!
  4. Try to be IC with rating and reactions.
  5. Jump people you don't know!
  6. Most important: Have fun!
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Apparently you've had a fun time the other night. Hot, kinky and sexy doing God knows what.

A morning later, you wake up with who, and what happens next?
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Here's how we play:
❤ Comment as your character(s).
❤ Reply to other characters.
❤ Use the heart meter below to show them how you feel! Only honest feelings are allowed!
❤ REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN CHANGE THE ALT TEXT. Personalize those hearts.
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Your character might have just wandered over to the large gathering of people to see what was going on, but OH NO they are now wearing a t-shirt with their shameful secret clearly written on it! They can try to hide it, but they can't remove it, and now everyone's seen! Will they try to dismiss it? Or own their differences?

1. Post with your t-shirt contents in the subject line. (The shorter, the better.)
2. Check out what other characters around yours are wearing.
3. Tag people for empathy, encouragement, explanations, or merciless mocking.

Thieved from bakerstreet because I just don't care anymore.
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Some people might call it the witching hour, but here at WMBS we like to think of it as Shout-Out O'Clock. For the next hour we'll be playing nothing but your musical dedications. Is there a special someone out there that you haven't told how you feel? Now's the chance -- call on in and request that perfect song that'll let them know you're grooving on them. Angry at someone and can't find the right words to express it? We can help you out. Do you and your bestie have an anthem that you just can't get enough of? Neither can we, and we've got it at the touch of a button. Ever thought up the perfect theme song for one of your buddies or coworkers but never got around to telling them about it? We'll tell them for you! Here at WMBS we aim to please -- and we do it commercial free.

1) Tag in with your muse.
2) Other people will reply, IC-ly, OOC-ly, or even anon with songs that make them think of your muse. (links are awesome, but if you can throw in the song title/artist in text somewhere for those with slow connections that would be excellent.)
3) Reply to them at will with your reaction to their dedications, or a return dedication of your own. Stereo Wars is never a bad time.
4) Poke around and see if there's else anyone up in here who you've got a song dedication for.
5) Remember that IC snarkery is fair game, but OOC drama is totally not.
6) If you post a link to a song on youtube, soundcloud, mediafire, or what have you, PLEASE NOTE CLEARLY IN YOUR TAG if the link is to something NSFW. If you're not sure, err with caution..
7) Have fun.

Thieved from memebells
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 The Mindfuck Meme

This is not a very nice meme! Many if not all options are potentially triggering. Please use your best judgment before participating.

Cut for tl;dr )

6 Jun 2012 10:57 am
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You are in a Kingdom Hearts focused Dreamwidth community on the internet. There are a number of posts on it, each of them containing a number of non-canonical situations affectionately known as "memes." Some of them even have fancy pictures attached to them. You wonder if this one just isn't trying hard enough.

There is a post here.


Which one?


"Congratulations! You are now the player avatar of a text adventure! You have full control of the setting and the environment! The only problem is, you have no control over your own actions! But don't worry, the people responding to you have all bought copies of it and are more than willing to guide you in the right direction! We hope."


So here's the deal: You devise a setting for a text adventure for your character to star in; the people replying to you get to input commands as to what your character actually DOES, and you show the results of said action. And possibly some snark in the process.

Have fun!

> _

1 Jun 2012 05:59 pm
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Plotting meme

Have a plot you've been wanting to do, an event you've wanted to see in the DR or hey, even just want something to do: here's the place to bring it up

If you want a bit more detail or structure, here's a handy dandy little form to assist plotting endeavors. Feel free to skip sections or add other sections as you see fit.

Character Name/Journal: who you're offering
Where can they be found: where do they hang out? do they go out, do they stay home, do they wander?
What have they been up to lately: What have they been doing? working, training, hanging out with friends, causing trouble. Use a few or as many words as you want or need.
Additional information: power information, what can they do, what sort of person they are
I am looking for: what are you looking for? more plot? more friends? romance? death? crazy random happenstace? whatever!

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 You've chosen your path and it's led you to one of the worst possible ends. A bad ending you've averted in the past could be coming true after all, a possibility you've always feared could be happening now. Something, somewhere went horribly wrong. It's game over.
 Tell us a tale of how wrong things went, add on to others with your character's role in the downfall. Play out the the downfall itself if you want. It's really up to you on how you want to roll with this since it's freeform mode.

For now we stand alone, The world is lost and blown )
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Someone's Asleep in my Bed! Meme

Ah, end of the day and you're ready to take a load off. Time to go flop on your bed and catch some Z's and then---

Whoa. wait who is that? There's someone on your bed.... What do now?

Or coversely you could have gone to get some shut eye and suddenly you wake up in someone elses' bed!

Really, everything and anything goes-- but somebody is not in their own bed.

You aught to know the drill on how these things work by now, have at it.
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On the fridge, in a book, on your notes. Passive aggressively stuck all over your flatmate's room... sticky notes are everywhere.

How this works:
- Leave a comment with your character
- Whether you start the sticky chain or not is up to you. But that is the only way you're communicating! (Extra info about where the sticky is located is okay though.)
- Thread jacking is encouraged.

1 May 2012 08:50 pm
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The Aphrodisiacs Drink Meme

Step 1. post a blank comment. Or a set up comment, whichever takes your fancy. Feel free to make people aware of your ooc preferences if you have them.
Step 2. Reply to others, other's reply to you. Use a RNG to pick a drink or just pick yourself if something pings you, it's all good.
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit Smut   same diff

Effects are coupled, so the more the merrier (and kinkier)! All drinks include powerful aphrodisiacs and the bar features handy private rooms stocked with everything your fantasies require.

effects under the cut )
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alcohol shots Pictures, Images and Photos
You're at a party! A party at a huge mansion, and everybody is dressed up in formal clothes. Or at a local bar, and everybody is dressed up in casual clothes. WHATEVER. Point is, everybody has decided to entertain themselves by playing a game of "never have I ever"... but this time with alcohol SHOTS.
How many conversations can you have before you pass out? Let's find out.

Here's how it works:

1. Post with your character
2. Along with that, write in the actual post something your character hasn't done that is something likely other characters have done.
3. Other characters read the post and if they have done what your character hasn't done, they will reply to you taking a shot.
4. Repliers should put in their comment title how many shots they have taken so far, and act ICly how their character would be if they have taken that many shots.
5. Conversations and shenanigans ensue.
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5(+) Things You May Not Have Known About [Character]

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Tell us magical tales of your headcanon or AU.
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The Baby Meme

1. Post a blank comment with your character.
2. People reply to you or you reply to them.
3. Congratulations! You two now have a crying, bawling, wailing bundle of joy of your very own regardless of all logic, biology and interpersonal relationships.
4. Good luck!