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6 Mar 2013 10:49 pm
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So there's two possible events this time. Player input will decide which, this will also be the planning post. Don't worry about not getting your choice though since the one that doesn't get picked, provided their are no vehement objections to it, will probably be used later.

Event should drop in a week or two. 


Everyone gets locked in small isolated but self sufficient rooms. Food, power, water, and bathroom facilities, but they're on their own*. Their only connection to other people in the DR will be a small computer in the corner of the room.
I'm thinking maybe about two-three days long? I want enough time for the isolation to effect characters, but not so long it's boring for the muns.
*maybe young kids who aren't yet self sufficient will be able to stay with their parents? IDK, I'll let people decide how you want to deal with that. You can have them temporarily disappear and be well cared for in the meantime if you want I guess? Isolation is the point but not so much it requires dead kids.

So remember the geminis? A bit like that, but not. Basically characters will have a part of themselves split off from their personality and that aspect will be it's own being for a few days. Meanwhile the host will find themselves devoid of the aspect that split off. Probably take a bit of planning so discuss as necessary.

Possibly another three day event, but could be stretched to a week since it's possible to ignore it and not everyone would be affected, but it would probably be ideal for the split off aspects to not be around forever.

EDIT: Split Personality confirmed for next event.
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So this is a bodyswap event due to happen on the 20th of July, a little different this time as this won't be a straight up exchange.
If Character A is in Character B's body, Charater B will not be in Character A's body. Instead they will be in Character C's body and so forth.

So instead of A->B and B->A, it'll be A->B->C->D...Z->A.A bit of mix and match.

To make this a bit easier fill out this handy dandy little form for the characters you're offering for the event before you commence your sinister plotting. If you have any questions just drop a comment here too.

The Swaps )

1 Jun 2012 05:59 pm
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Plotting meme

Have a plot you've been wanting to do, an event you've wanted to see in the DR or hey, even just want something to do: here's the place to bring it up

If you want a bit more detail or structure, here's a handy dandy little form to assist plotting endeavors. Feel free to skip sections or add other sections as you see fit.

Character Name/Journal: who you're offering
Where can they be found: where do they hang out? do they go out, do they stay home, do they wander?
What have they been up to lately: What have they been doing? working, training, hanging out with friends, causing trouble. Use a few or as many words as you want or need.
Additional information: power information, what can they do, what sort of person they are
I am looking for: what are you looking for? more plot? more friends? romance? death? crazy random happenstace? whatever!

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Spell this weekend! This week we're looking at masters and servants. No, stop, come back, this isn't a smut DR, I swear! Characters will be put into pairs of your choice (try to mix it up a little), where one plays the role of the Master and the other the Servant. If you're familiar with a series like Loveless or Fate/stay night, you might already have an understanding of what I'm going for here.