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15 May 2012 12:35 am
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Hi everyone! Just posting today to let you know that if any of you are into Avatar (the one with bending, not blue people) there is a dressing room set up over at http://avatardressing.dreamwidth.org/ if you are interested in joining.

Mods if this not allowed please feel free to delete =D
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On the fridge, in a book, on your notes. Passive aggressively stuck all over your flatmate's room... sticky notes are everywhere.

How this works:
- Leave a comment with your character
- Whether you start the sticky chain or not is up to you. But that is the only way you're communicating! (Extra info about where the sticky is located is okay though.)
- Thread jacking is encouraged.

1 May 2012 08:50 pm
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The Aphrodisiacs Drink Meme

Step 1. post a blank comment. Or a set up comment, whichever takes your fancy. Feel free to make people aware of your ooc preferences if you have them.
Step 2. Reply to others, other's reply to you. Use a RNG to pick a drink or just pick yourself if something pings you, it's all good.
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit Smut   same diff

Effects are coupled, so the more the merrier (and kinkier)! All drinks include powerful aphrodisiacs and the bar features handy private rooms stocked with everything your fantasies require.

effects under the cut )
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alcohol shots Pictures, Images and Photos
You're at a party! A party at a huge mansion, and everybody is dressed up in formal clothes. Or at a local bar, and everybody is dressed up in casual clothes. WHATEVER. Point is, everybody has decided to entertain themselves by playing a game of "never have I ever"... but this time with alcohol SHOTS.
How many conversations can you have before you pass out? Let's find out.

Here's how it works:

1. Post with your character
2. Along with that, write in the actual post something your character hasn't done that is something likely other characters have done.
3. Other characters read the post and if they have done what your character hasn't done, they will reply to you taking a shot.
4. Repliers should put in their comment title how many shots they have taken so far, and act ICly how their character would be if they have taken that many shots.
5. Conversations and shenanigans ensue.
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5(+) Things You May Not Have Known About [Character]

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Tell us magical tales of your headcanon or AU.
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The Baby Meme

1. Post a blank comment with your character.
2. People reply to you or you reply to them.
3. Congratulations! You two now have a crying, bawling, wailing bundle of joy of your very own regardless of all logic, biology and interpersonal relationships.
4. Good luck!

8 Apr 2012 12:38 pm
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Step 1: Post a blank comment with the account of the character you'd like crit for or post a list of the characters you'd like crit for if you'd like to save time.

Step 2: Other people reply with constructive criticism, whether it be minor or major. If they have none, they're free to just throw some praise your way.

Step 3: Do the same for others.

Notes about meme usage )

-Spoiler policy, try to hold off on KH:3D spoilers and spoiler related icons. If you must, try to wait until the threads collapse if at all possible and make a note about it in the subject line so the spoiler-phobic might avoid them.

4 Apr 2012 08:20 pm
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Hellooooo my lovelies.

Some of you may recognize these icons as belonging to a nice little Naminé back in the LJ DR. You know, that one that isn't just being controlled and actually has a thing for her Marluxia and Larxene...

Anyway, testing the waters here for a spell idea! If it did happen, it wouldn't be mandatory, as none of the spells ever are.

Here's how it'd work, more or less: )

3 Apr 2012 08:55 pm
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Or, who do your characters ship?
Do they ship themselves with anyone?
Hilarity ensues.

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Pretty simple, post with your characters song(s) that makes you think of them or inspire you while you play them.

Explain why, share lyrics, use this as a ploy to expand your music collection, discuss choices with others; take your pick.
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1. Post each of your characters.
2. ICly answer this ALL IMPORTANT question seriously or jokingly. Tell them why/why not, elaborate for our entertainment.
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How to Play;
1. Post a blank (or not) comment with your character.
2. Other people will come by and respond. When they do, they should roll a number 1-7.
3. Your companion is now drunk, (alternatively both of you are drunk, or you can both roll for different side effects) according to the following side-effects:

1. Happy Drunk, also known as the 'Everything is Funny' Drunk. Like the name suggests, you just can't keep these guys down. They laugh at everything, and cannot be angered or saddened.
2. Angry Drunk, also known as the 'Fighting' Drunk or 'Swearing'. Nothing pleases these guys. The man is out to get them and they are going to make you aware of it. Do anything to piss them off and they might take a swing at you, though, so watch your back!
3. Cute Drunk, also known as the 'Moe' Drunk. You don't know what it is about this drunk tonight, but they're adorable. They're cute, smiley, maybe a bit tsundere... either way, it's adorable.
4. Horny Drunk, also known as the 'I Want to Get in Your Pants' Drunk. Even if the person was a virgin beforehand, after one drink they're going to want to get it on. Any type of physical contact from gropes to making out will do, and they'll be incredibly vocal about their desires.
5. Dead Drunk, also known as the 'Can't Hold Their Liquor' Drunk. Basically, one drink and they're out cold. Feel free to try to wake them up, though.
6. Morose Drunk, also known as the 'Pessimist' Drunk or 'Cynic' Drunk. This is Eyore if you ever got him hammered. Nothing goes right for them--even when it does--and the world's a mess! They love complaining, and won't let you get away without telling you their woes.
7. Designated Driver, also known as the 'Sucker'. Sorry, buddy, but no drinks for you tonight.
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1. Comment with your username
2. ICly reply to others anonymously

For those new to the show, here's some old ones to investigate.
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Apparently you've had a fun time the other night. Hot, kinky and sexy doing God knows what.

A morning later, you wake up with who, and what happens next?
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Spell this weekend! This week we're looking at masters and servants. No, stop, come back, this isn't a smut DR, I swear! Characters will be put into pairs of your choice (try to mix it up a little), where one plays the role of the Master and the other the Servant. If you're familiar with a series like Loveless or Fate/stay night, you might already have an understanding of what I'm going for here.

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Comment here, anonymously or logged in, with any comments, concerns, complaints, questions or suggestions you may have in mind! Anonymous comments are on, IP logging is turned off, and comments are screened. ♥

If you need a Dreamwidth code to make an account, comment here!


21 Dec 2011 01:19 am
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