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Step 1: Post a blank comment with the account of the character you'd like crit for or post a list of the characters you'd like crit for if you'd like to save time.

Step 2: Other people reply with constructive criticism, whether it be minor or major. If they have none, they're free to just throw some praise your way.

Step 3: Do the same for others.

-Anon is enabled, do not exploit this. If you can't use the power responsibly it might be taken away.

-Constructive crit, try to provide more detail than just saying someone sucks. Explain why you feel that way, provide suggestions to help the player fix it if you can. Just saying someone sucks helps no one.

-This is a critique meme, so commenting is at your own risk and no one can guarantee you will only be told what you want to hear.

-Spoiler policy, fuck idk if anyone is still avoiding spoilers at this point but try not to be obnoxious, mark spoilers for KH: 3D just in case

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