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Ask Me Anything meme

It's exactly what it says on the tin. Players drop blank posts, you ask them anything and they answer. Naturally for dramatic purposes they shall be finding themselves quite unable to lie about their answers, so be sure to have fun with that.

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What are parents like?
dawnrise: (I'll tell you why)

why. she doesn't want to answer this ):

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Like something different for everyone. Like something that should be great, but isn't always. Sometimes it's like having someone watching your every move, breathing down your neck to do what they want you to do, even if you know that's not the right thing for you. But other times it's like having a constant teacher and guardian there, someone you can ask anything. When you're little you know you're always safe with them. It's hard to break that.
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That sounds... Kind of awful, actually. With a little bit of good? I don't understand why you'd want to break away from feeling like you're safe with someone.
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Because you have to grow up some time.
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Is it because they get old?
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How come you're so grumpy?
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Because I'm asked stupid, insignificant questions by brats like you.
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Silk, cotton or wool?

[context? what is context?]
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Silk, of course! Though cotton is more breathable and better in hotter weather. Wool can be itchy, unless you're talking about a nice cashmere.
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Wool is only itchy if it's poorly spun, quality wool fabrics with high thread counts work best for quality suits. Cashmere blends are excellent but it's a shame to waste them.

Silk is better suited to ties, dresses and bed sheets. Most silk suits tend towards the fashion disaster end of the spectrum.

Cotton, well, it doesn't have all that much use to those of us without body heat.
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Do you not like to wear cotton, Mister Luxord? I have pretty summer dresses made from cotton. And then there's, like, tee shirts. And denim is technically cotton, isn't it?
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It's good for shirts and jeans, but the suits are casual looking and drape poorly.
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This is one of the reasons I like you, Mister Luxord! You're always so well-dressed!
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Thank you.

It's nice when someone appreciates the effort.
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Exactly! Everyone seems to think I'm a bother when I talk about clothes and stuff. But there's something really nice about looking good and well put-together.
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Boxers or briefs?
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What's a cockblock?
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... it's something that stops a rooster from doing stupid things.
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How come you smell funny?
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I...what are you talking about?
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You smell funny.
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No I don't.

[He's not going to check, either.]
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Go away, brat.
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