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Here's how we play:
❤ Comment as your character(s).
❤ Reply to other characters.
❤ Use the heart meter below to show them how you feel! Only honest feelings are allowed!
❤ REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN CHANGE THE ALT TEXT. Personalize those hearts.

"i would kill you"

"i would physically or emotionally hurt you"

"i would like to get to know you better"

"i would spend time/have fun/be friends with you"

"i would rescue you/fight by your side"

"i would hug you or hold your hand"

"i would kiss you"

"i would date you"

"i would have sex with you"

"i would fall in love with you"

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gameofpretend: (tell me something that'll change me)

Someday they will just sit around and chat about fashion while onlookers sideeye the shit out of Lux

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daddyhasagun: (Pretty Like Mama)

that would be awesome and strangely perfect

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