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The Rainbow meme

1. Post a comment, be sure to note in the comment or subject if there's anything you're not comfortable with -- this meme may have triggers.
2. Roll 1-8 to get a color, then 1-5 to get a scene.
3. ???
4. Profit!


1 - First Kiss - Is there anything sweeter?
2 - First Date - Are you super awkward and nervous or getting on like a house on fire?
3 - First Meeting - Dropped your groceries? Bump into them on the subway? Party? Fender bender? The options are endless!
4 - First Time - A little awkward, a little exciting, always memorable. Unless you had to get drunk to get up the nerve.
5 - Hey, can we try... - You've been together, or at least doing it, for awhile, but one of you wants to try something new.

1 - Aphrodisiac - Is that cinnamon you smell? And why can't you keep your hands off each other?
2 - Exhibitionism - Maybe you have an audience. Maybe it's just a camera. Maybe you enjoy watching your lover touch themselves. Someone's putting on a show, either way.
3 - Chicken/"Too Hot" - How far can you go without flinching?
4 - Unusual Place - You know you should wait to get to a bed, but you just can't. You need it right here, right now.
5 - Take It Slow - Tonight, you're going to take it slow and savor every moment.

1 - Rivals - Romantic rivals, school rivals, coworkers? Or maybe you're the hero and the villain of the story.
2 - Cheating - One of you is cheating on your significant other. You don't necessarily want to, but they make it hard to say no...
3 - Fight Sex - Was it a real fight or just a spar? Either way, it's got your blood pumping.
4 - Revenge - Usually best served cold...but in this case, it's best served hot, hard, and as many times as possible.
5 - Deception - One of you is not what they seem to be.

1 - Childhood Sweethearts – You've loved them what seems like forever, ever since you were little.
2 - Wedding Night – Have fun, newlyweds! Maybe one of you cut off the sex a couple months ago, just for tonight to be extra special.
3 - With nature – In a forest or a field, how could you not be happy with the sun or moon shining down and the beauty of nature around you?
4 - Waking Up – Fluffy, sleepy, giggly morning sex.
5 - Protected/safe – You always feel safe with them. How can you thank them?

1 - Codependent – One or both of you needs the other an unhealthy amount, and you're desperate to show them how much.
2 - Abuse – You know you can't stay, but you simply can't go.
3 - Reclaim – Your lover's been cheating. It's time to show them who they belong to.
4 - Incest – How can it be so wrong and feel so right?
5 - Prostitution – Every pro's got that one client who thinks they're your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1 - One For The Road – You're breaking up, but they deserve a goodbye.
2 - One Night Stand – Looking for love in all the wrong places?
3 - Hurt/comfort – Something bad has happened, and sometimes the best thing is just to forget for awhile.
4 - Losing You – You're slow dancing in a burning room. It's just a matter of time before you break up, and you know you're falling apart...but you can cling to that last spark as long as you've got it.
5 - Exes – for old times' sake, yeah?

1 - Power Imbalance – Master/slave, boss/employee, teacher/student, commander/soldier? One of you has all the power here.
2 - Blackmail – Is it just your reputation in danger or is there an actual physical threat? Do it or else.
3 - Mind control – Hypnotism or straight-up psychic manipulation, one of you couldn't say no if you wanted to.
4 - Prison – Resist or give in, you're about to become a bitch either way.
5 - Roofies – Maybe it's roofies, or a strong aphrodisiac, or just getting them really drunk, but you've got some assistance from the chemical corner.

1 - Breathplay – Choking, noose, or a plastic bag over the head, lack of oxygen can make everything...heightened.
2 - Shibari – Also known as japanese rope bondage, it does make a pretty picture.
3 - Pain – It can be the perfect spice for pleasure.
4 - Foreign Objects – Toys, vegetables, there's plenty of things to stick in there other than a dick.
5 - Unusual Acts – When's the last time a straight couple had anal or a gay couple avoided penetration? Anything other than the usual combinations!

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