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Bodyswap Event

So this is a bodyswap event due to happen on the 20th of July, a little different this time as this won't be a straight up exchange.
If Character A is in Character B's body, Charater B will not be in Character A's body. Instead they will be in Character C's body and so forth.

So instead of A->B and B->A, it'll be A->B->C->D...Z->A.A bit of mix and match.

To make this a bit easier fill out this handy dandy little form for the characters you're offering for the event before you commence your sinister plotting. If you have any questions just drop a comment here too.

The Swaps so far

Mind  -->Body
[personal profile] noneuclidean -> [personal profile] dawnrise 
[personal profile] flurryofsnow ->[personal profile] aprincess 
[personal profile] dawnrise ->[personal profile] f1re0nthesun
[personal profile] lightyin ->[personal profile] seasides 
[personal profile] datafreeze ->[personal profile] lightyin 
[personal profile] divinelunacies ->[personal profile] datafreeze 
[personal profile] aprincess ->[personal profile] exmariascientia 
[personal profile] f1re0nthesun ->[personal profile] before 
[personal profile] forza_del_bene ->[personal profile] gameofpretend 
[personal profile] gameofpretend->[personal profile] flurryofsnow 
[personal profile] foxbutt->[personal profile] skybright 
[personal profile] ars_scientia ->[personal profile] nagaxel 
[personal profile] blankedpoint ->[personal profile] theheartofdarkness 

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