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Plotting meme

Have a plot you've been wanting to do, an event you've wanted to see in the DR or hey, even just want something to do: here's the place to bring it up

If you want a bit more detail or structure, here's a handy dandy little form to assist plotting endeavors. Feel free to skip sections or add other sections as you see fit.

Character Name/Journal: who you're offering
Where can they be found: where do they hang out? do they go out, do they stay home, do they wander?
What have they been up to lately: What have they been doing? working, training, hanging out with friends, causing trouble. Use a few or as many words as you want or need.
Additional information: power information, what can they do, what sort of person they are
I am looking for: what are you looking for? more plot? more friends? romance? death? crazy random happenstace? whatever!

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