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Plotting meme

Have a plot you've been wanting to do, an event you've wanted to see in the DR or hey, even just want something to do: here's the place to bring it up

If you want a bit more detail or structure, here's a handy dandy little form to assist plotting endeavors. Feel free to skip sections or add other sections as you see fit.

Character Name/Journal: who you're offering
Where can they be found: where do they hang out? do they go out, do they stay home, do they wander?
What have they been up to lately: What have they been doing? working, training, hanging out with friends, causing trouble. Use a few or as many words as you want or need.
Additional information: power information, what can they do, what sort of person they are
I am looking for: what are you looking for? more plot? more friends? romance? death? crazy random happenstace? whatever!

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So, for starters...

[personal profile] agrabah_weapon 2012-06-01 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name/Journal: Kurt Zisa | [personal profile] agrabah_weapon
Where can they be found: Home's the desert room, and an apartment opposite it; otherwise, he spends a lot of time 'outdoors', world rooms etc.
What have they been up to lately: Ehh, nothing exciting? Dude goes about his days pretty quietly. Does a lot of training types of things.
Additional information: Welp. Proud bonus boss, plus big bro to just about any sentient Heartless who he can 'adopt'. Fairly pleasant company if you don't make him want to sword you. Not a big fan of Nobodies due to the whole 'build-a-KH' plan, but he can get on with most of them. Actually tougher than he is in the game by now, due to a) being smarter b) having had time to train and learn soooo yeah.
I am looking for: This lad here's been chilling out just being a friendly neighbourhood Heartless for quite some time.

This needs to change.

Calling bad guys! Heartless seeks companion for mayhem and shenanigans. He's got a dream (*rapunzel song here*) of building a world for Heartless, a civilisation for them, and he'd like to get in touch with anyone who can help him with his goal.

We need villain plotting up in here, methinks...
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Character Name/Journal: Riku | [personal profile] lightyin
Where can they be found: In his house/apartment, in the kitchen, or in the library most often. Sometimes everywhere, he tends to end up in strange random places if he thinks they're interesting or if he sleepwalks.
What have they been up to lately:Not a whole lot.
Additional information: Has gained a reputation for being one of the more friendly Rikus in the DR, though he still dislikes Replicas on principle. Has recently been practicing dark wards.
I am looking for: He needs more friends, possibly a girlfriend boyfriend significant other of some sort. And crazy random sexual encounters things that lead to character development or somesuch. Idk I'm up for anything.
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General warning for dark/squicky/triggery business? Sorry I can't be more specific...

[personal profile] forza_del_bene 2012-07-02 10:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Alright. So this is possibly a bit of an awkward/messy request.

I'm looking to experiment with darker RP threads. They're not a thing I've done much of in the past, but I'm comfortable enough around you folks that I figured … well. They sound interesting.
Honestly, I think these are things that might be best suited to musebox/private threads (and places that can be locked and age-warning-paged to death), but I'm throwing the options out there.

… I'm white texting this post because some of it feels weird to have out there and kinda personal, and because I'm not sure what folks want to read here (see: warning). Anyway.

[Things that are just plain out?

* Sexual content. No. Seriously. I honestly don't mind if my characters end up getting it on at some point if threads lead that way. But - in this context, no, just no. For now, anyway.

* Anything underage, any age-play dynamics. I'm not going to be ruling out older versions of younger characters because seriously look where this is. But as chat knows, I do not want to be anywhere around anything that could be construed as underage territory given that a fair chunk of actual KH characters are little more than half my age. Such things, I'm gonna need to treat case by case most likely. And on that topic, I'm not even sure if there's anyone still actively playing here who's under the magical one-eight? But seriously, I want to stay safe there too.

* Slavery dynamics. 'Owning' people. While some power-play kind of things are fine and dandy, probably inevitable in context, this is entering into bad territory fast. Superior or controller, yes. Master (in this sense) or owner, no. Subtle, maybe, but it is an issue.

* Outright violence. I can do fights any day. But now isn't the time. Not pain for pain's sake, either, anything of a sadomasochistic flavour gives me the icks. Characters can get hurt, but the pain and violence should not be its own end.

Things I am interested in:

* Screwing with characters' minds. So much. Breaking characters, letting them be broken. Or trying, at least. And some literal mental manipulation factors probably wouldn't go amiss.

* Letting my villains be - well, dark. This is likely going to mean Kurt, Aquanort and to a lesser extent Axel. The idea of letting Spoiler indulge his inner 'nort has a certain appeal, I'm not sure I'd want it to be 'in continuity' so much though, that'd definitely have to be musebox-etc. … Man, my only other adult characters are /still/ villains, mirror!Aqua and Felicius, but I can't see either of 'em being so directly right for this stuff.

* Physical … stuff? Igh, hard to explain and getting kinda personal. This is territory that my brain has a red-black quadrant flip on for, so to speak, excuse the HS jargon but it's kind of the easiest way to put it for me.
Sensual stuff without the actual sexual elements. Transformations and alterations and markings (though *not* writing/names. That's a seriously squicky thing for me, even when the rest is interesting on whatever level. I even get twitchy around ink of loved ones' names. TMI, and apologies.) This is - while it's something I want to explore, at the same time, it is *serious* personal stuff so I'd have to take it easy and discuss things and be sure things were cool.

In short: twisted, mind-screwy stuff, possibly sensual but platonic in nature.

I trust you folks, and would really like to be able to investigate such things.
When it comes down to it? In somewhere that invented the tentacle room? I at least hope it's worth asking.