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The Aphrodisiacs Drink Meme

Step 1. post a blank comment. Or a set up comment, whichever takes your fancy. Feel free to make people aware of your ooc preferences if you have them.
Step 2. Reply to others, other's reply to you. Use a RNG to pick a drink or just pick yourself if something pings you, it's all good.
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit Smut   same diff

Effects are coupled, so the more the merrier (and kinkier)! All drinks include powerful aphrodisiacs and the bar features handy private rooms stocked with everything your fantasies require.

1. red - juicy red apple spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. effect: extreme, sudden arousal. You need someone, anyone, and you needed them yesterday.

2. orange - fresh orange juice with vanilla-laced champagne. effect: voyeurism. who cares who's watching? you want it right here and now. Or maybe you're the one who's into watching?

3. yellow - sweet and sour lemonade topped with meringue. effect: violence. angry hatesex can be more fun that it sounds...

4. green - lime sparkler with coconut and green tea flavors. effect: jealousy/yandere. You'll crave your partner desperately, and no one else can have them.

5. blue - crushed blueberry puree, vodka and soda. effect: domination. You'll have the urge to beat someone into submission. Make them the dog they really are.

6. purple - crushed blackberry puree, vodka and soda. effect: submission. You'll submit to any demands, and pain becomes the greatest pleasure. Who knew bleeding could feel so good?

7. pink - sweet sparkling champagne with strawberries. effect: loving. Your coupling will be adoring and loving. Onlookers will puke from the sweetness.

8. black - licorice and chocolate liqueurs. effect: The strongest of them all. There's no fighting the urge to fuck after drinking this. Even the most stoic of people can't resist this drink.

9. brown - coffee with hazelnut and cream. effect: energizing. You'll want to go all night, nothing can stop you. Multiple orgasms are nothing.

10. white - frozen coconut with jelly balls. effect: extreme bondage. You'll be frozen in place and desperate to be bound.

11. grey - earl grey tea with honey. effect: genderswap. Not the prettiest of drinks, but it will make you into the prettiest (or most handsome) belle of the bar. Just a sip gives the unbearable urge to crossdress.

Thieved blatantly from here. 

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