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You're at a party! A party at a huge mansion, and everybody is dressed up in formal clothes. Or at a local bar, and everybody is dressed up in casual clothes. WHATEVER. Point is, everybody has decided to entertain themselves by playing a game of "never have I ever"... but this time with alcohol SHOTS.
How many conversations can you have before you pass out? Let's find out.

Here's how it works:

1. Post with your character
2. Along with that, write in the actual post something your character hasn't done that is something likely other characters have done.
3. Other characters read the post and if they have done what your character hasn't done, they will reply to you taking a shot.
4. Repliers should put in their comment title how many shots they have taken so far, and act ICly how their character would be if they have taken that many shots.
5. Conversations and shenanigans ensue.