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5(+) Things You May Not Have Known About [Character]

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Tell us magical tales of your headcanon or AU.
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1. Luxord is a control freak. Between the circumstances of his childhood and the nature of his specific strain of vampirism, losing control or putting himself in situations were he can't control at least a couple of variables is utterly terrifying for him.

Frequently he needs to exercise control over random things simply for the sake of reminding himself he actually still has control.

2. Gambling is for the most part a smoke screen to disguise his terror over losing control.

This is mostly an exploitation of peoples belief in the chance element of card games. Luxord is a brilliant card counter, a skilled trick shuffler, excellent at sleight of hand and compulsively cheats.

3. Luxord never experiences romantic or sexual attraction to anyone regardless of sex or gender.

Even when he wasn't physically dead and rendered incapable of experiencing sexual pleasure, sexual contact was and still kind of is exclusively an act of dominance or expression of control if he chooses to engage in it.

4. He is not real, can never become real and is pre-programmed to rip apart anyone who may try to direct him to information that evidences he isn't real.

His mind actively censors this information and the vast majority of his memories between 'now' and that fictional point in his life when he believes he was sired are invented. The memories before that are the memories of an actual person. However they are a combination of the actual life memories of the person he's supposed to be and someone else's memories of what they think the person he's supposed to be is like.

5. The real him had wolf ears and tail, he doesn't realise he doesn't have them. The same thing that prevents him recognising obvious contradictions in his memories and the impossibility of the timeline of his life also prevents him from realising they aren't there.
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1. He crushes easily on Axels and Rikus, but has never done more than get flustered.

2. If he had ever seen it, Moulin Rouge would be one of his favorite movies, because he would really love the message in it.

3. For movies he has seen, he's a big Disney movie fan and can wear out The Fox and the Hound, Peter Pan, Oliver & Company and Up.

4. Scary movies easily give him nightmares, and he quickly changes the channel or hides behind whoever is closest making him watch.

5. He trusts everyone he meets until they give him reason not to.
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1. He frequently migrates between three separate rooms he's claimed rather than staying in a house, apartment or singular room/

2. He actually spend quite a bit of his time drawing.

3. He owns a realdoll, which he never actually uses for it's designed purpose. Mostly he just talks to it or uses it to trick himself into believing he isn't sleeping alone when trying to break his more severe insomnia cycles.

4. He can't stand mirrors. His reaction to them is nowhere near as violent as his younger self's but prolonged exposure messes him up horribly.

5. He's killed his past self multiple times. Intellectually he knows he's contribution to his own psychological issues, but he really can't help himself most of the time (especially since he started taking vampire blood) and simply tries to distance himself to prevent himself making his past self worse than he already is.

6. He occasionally leaves random dead animals on older titsbar's bed and/or doorstep.
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1. Riku's sensitive to caffeine. He can consume it, but more than about a cup of say, regular coffee, will make him shaky and anxious and two will cause mild hallucinations.

2. He's mixed-handed/cross-dominant. He's left-handed but fights right-handed.

3. He technically has half a Heart. Not the organ, the shiny pink one that the Heartless go after. The other half is in his Replica. He also had a Nobody at one point, though he got rid of it when he was sent back to his own 'verse.

4. He was scared of wild pigs as a child. Also stingrays. He's still afraid wary of the latter.

5. He does not know about the game of Kingdom Hearts.
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1) He'd like another kid, though not right now. He'd like an apprentice, or equivalent seeing as he's not a true Master. He'd prefer these not to be the same person: he wouldn't trust that no MX-nastiness got transmitted to any child of his, and still worries that Desiree's going to turn dark when she's older.

2) While compared to the standard issue Xehanort he's a paragon, his moral code does have a few oddities to it regarding 'what is a person'. His concept of where 'person' starts is pretty much 'an individual that has had a chance to experience the world and awaken as a sentient being.' If a Replica were created with no mind or heart of its own? Until it had actually awoken, he would pretty much see it as a 'thing', even if he did see it as wonderful and full of potential. Taking over a sentient being's body while they were using it? No way, no how, and he still feels for poor Terra - but he'd be entirely willing to possess a blank Replica body or similar (and is as capable of doing it as the next 'nort), or use it as a test subject. To a lesser extent, if a being's mind and heart had been destroyed irreversibly, he wouldn't have too many qualms about doing the same, though obviously he wouldn't be happy that such destruction took place. The mind is sacrosanct where he's concerned.

He does, however, understand that the whole thing's a sensitive subject.

3) As mentioned above, yeah, he can possess people. He's done so to every member of his own 'Organization'-equivalent at some point or other, although always with full consent, and he'd never dream of staying put. The result's a tasty power boost and some new skills, plus a temporary white hair makeover, kind of an inverted Drive. [Spoiler: It got very interesting when it was Braig's turn.]

4) Spoiler: [The young MX from canon came knocking on his door when he was still in his world to get him to join the New Organization. He's very proud that he sent him packing. The incident was one of the few times where he's used the name Terra for himself...]

5) He really, really likes rocky road ice cream. Guy has a marshmallow weakness that he'll never admit.
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1. He's lying to you. Yes, right now. Even if you're his friend. And he doesn't consciously know he's doing it... most of the time.

2. He actually has very poor self-esteem. All the bluster and bravado is to cover up that fact and not let anyone know. Compliments actually throw him off-balance because he's not used to them.

3. Sometimes he just wants to punch people in the face. Because that's the best way to end an argument. Or start one. Really, he just likes to fight.

4. He's built himself up around a certain Riku ideal of how he thinks he should be Riku and act like Riku and behave like Riku. When he's 'himself', he's pretty much a jerk.

5. He loves food. Loves it. Because he never got to eat any in Castle Oblivion.
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1. Kira's not as dumb as she acts. She's actually pretty well-educated and reads more than fashion magazines. But that's just not fun. There's already one emo intellectual in the family.

2. Kira cannot fight people. She's good against Heartless/Nobodies/etc., but she can't fight normal people. She actually takes a backlash of pain/power when she does that's almost crippling depending on what spells she uses. Her playfighting and squabbling with family doesn't count; it's actual combat that affects Kira badly.

3. When Kira is stressed, she bakes. And eats. She bakes what she eats and eats what she bakes and it's a vicious cycle. She also cleans obsessively.

4. Yes, Kira knows about sex. And she'd like to have it someday with someone who loves her.

5. The closets in the DR love Kira because she is always very polite to them. Her family exploits this fact by asking her to get obscure things that are needed, because Kira always finds them quickly.
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1. Her favorite color is purple, but her second favorite is green. Blues and pinks are abundant in her clothes and toys, but green is her second favorite!

2. She has a natural, untapped healing magic in her that she doesn't know how to use. Despite having a natural gift for it, Kairi will have difficulty mastering it in the future.

3. Her new icons are a lie. Kairi loves pretty clothes but she hates wearing sleeves.

4. She likes Axels a lot because she thinks they've got a reputation built up on being 'bad guys', and she doesn't think that's fair for any type of person in the DR, but especially Axels. She's never had an Axel be mean to her, and she has a lot of affection for them.

5. She's become a little bit of a nerd thanks to being raised by Ienzo for the past few years. She's also got an interest in science, and has secretly started sneaking of in to the DR's labs.
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1. He is a little bit sexually repressed. It's not really anyone's fault but his own. His parents certainly didn't make sex seem like a bad thing, and he doesn't think it is a bad thing at all. It's just... well, he's one of two people who gets aroused by being near people who are afraid. It would be different if it were strangers or people he doesn't care about, but these are friends and family he's grown up with and known all his life. And here he is being a big creep. So he tries to tone it down.

2. Going on that, there was a period of time when he was about thirteen or fourteen where he was really quiet and standoffish and basically stopped scaring people. It didn't last long, and he basically decided he'd rather live without sex than live without scaring people. That doesn't mean he's not attracted to a couple people. (Also, he's bisexual. Not sure if anyone was aware of that.)

3. Vore fetishes sure are a thing.

4. He likes to take naps in the dirt. Sometimes in coffin in the dirt. Not sand or a dirt patch, but a hole that has been dug into the ground at least a foot. Bonus points if it's cold.

5. He's about 6'1" now, and has more or less stopped growing.
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1. His 'full' name is actually Shiruba and he shares his name with a cat belonging to a resident of Twilight Town. But don't tell him that.

2. He's very possessive of his stuff. This can be anything from personal items like clothing and such to people.

3. Due to his connection with his Riku, he can actually pinpoint exactly where said Riku is in the DR at any given time, but he chooses not to.

4. He prefers settling disagreements through physical fighting rather than words. Preferably with sharp objects.

5. In addition to a large appetite for sugar, he has a strange obsession with milk chocolate chips.
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1. She's still a virgin, but she's pretty damn familiar with her own body and what she likes. She's done plenty of reading and experimenting, and has even been to that shop in Traverse Town a couple of times. Everything she's picked up there is hidden under her bed.

2. She has a really huge crush on Aden, which may or may not be a secret to anyone, but she's also attracted to girls from time to time, and other guys. The selection of people who don't look like people she's related to/knows really well is a bit limited, but not too badly.

3. The only person who has more trust and faith in Hachibi than her is Axel. She was never afraid of him, even as a baby.

4. She doesn't really like Halloween Town, and only goes there with Aden, because he loves it so much. Her favorite of the world rooms is the Pride Lands, and also Atlantica. She wishes Aden would go swimming there with her more often.

5. Thanks to the household she grew up in, there are a lot of things she doesn't find creepy that a lot of other people would. Bugs, for instance, and her Uncle Red.