17 Mar 2012

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How to Play;
1. Post a blank (or not) comment with your character.
2. Other people will come by and respond. When they do, they should roll a number 1-7.
3. Your companion is now drunk, (alternatively both of you are drunk, or you can both roll for different side effects) according to the following side-effects:

1. Happy Drunk, also known as the 'Everything is Funny' Drunk. Like the name suggests, you just can't keep these guys down. They laugh at everything, and cannot be angered or saddened.
2. Angry Drunk, also known as the 'Fighting' Drunk or 'Swearing'. Nothing pleases these guys. The man is out to get them and they are going to make you aware of it. Do anything to piss them off and they might take a swing at you, though, so watch your back!
3. Cute Drunk, also known as the 'Moe' Drunk. You don't know what it is about this drunk tonight, but they're adorable. They're cute, smiley, maybe a bit tsundere... either way, it's adorable.
4. Horny Drunk, also known as the 'I Want to Get in Your Pants' Drunk. Even if the person was a virgin beforehand, after one drink they're going to want to get it on. Any type of physical contact from gropes to making out will do, and they'll be incredibly vocal about their desires.
5. Dead Drunk, also known as the 'Can't Hold Their Liquor' Drunk. Basically, one drink and they're out cold. Feel free to try to wake them up, though.
6. Morose Drunk, also known as the 'Pessimist' Drunk or 'Cynic' Drunk. This is Eyore if you ever got him hammered. Nothing goes right for them--even when it does--and the world's a mess! They love complaining, and won't let you get away without telling you their woes.
7. Designated Driver, also known as the 'Sucker'. Sorry, buddy, but no drinks for you tonight.